Entrenamiento Ciclista.com: the cycling app, for cyclists and coaches.

We got it! The training app for cyclists and coaches is just a click away. Any goal will be made easier with the EntrenamientoCiclista.com guidance provides.

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For Cyclists:

  • Personalised sessions. Every workout is completely customized around your goal.
  • Perfect for every cyclist. No matter your level, age or discipline.
  • Online 24 hours. You can use your laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Low price, from 29,95€/monthly.
  • Optimize your time. Do more for less.
  • Achieve your goals. Don’t play being a coach, let us show you the way to be a better cyclist.


For Coaches:

  • Customizable. Use your logo and your brand image.
  • The definite training tool. From planning to the analysis.
  • Online 24 hours. You can follow your athletes from your laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • Expand your customer base.
  • Do more with less time.
  • Make the most of your athletes. Guide them to achieve their goals.

App features:

Introduce your goal

The best training plan will be created. Every workout we plan is completely customized around your goal, your fitness and your training availability.

Training schedule

A personalized training plan should fit around your life, not the other way around. Update your training schedule every time you need and an automated personal coach will instantly adapts your training plan.

Athlete profile

The app takes all your metrics such as weight, age, goal etc and combines this with your feedback and training results to give you a personalized training plan.

Goals and alterations

Manage your goals based on their importance. Real time changes will occur to your sessions if you cannot complete any workout, for example, in rainy days.


Upload your training results and analyze them. Connect your Strava account to do it automatically.


We rate your training sessions comparing the expected and the obtained results, with an execution and effort score. Go for the 10!

Users opinions: their success is our reward.

The app is developed thinking in the needs of the cyclists. Here you can read what they say about us!

I recommend using this app, the workouts are of high quality and always fitted to my personal circumstances. I improved a lot, just see my last results!
Entrenamientociclista.com is a training platform with easy handling which helps the athlete to be more competitive. The workouts score function is truly useful.
Thanks to the platform I can continue with my training plan perfectly even when I stay at home, in Russia. Bad weather conditions are no more a problem for me.
Yulia Il'inykh, Professional cyclist
A platform that has become essential to successfully tackle my MTB competitions. The feedback is great and the team behind is invaluable.
Oscar Fabregat, Biker

Coaches that have already trusted in Entrenamiento Ciclista.com

Javier Zahonero
Javier ZahoneroCoach
Dídac Navarro
Dídac NavarroCoach
Quique Gutiérrez
Quique GutiérrezCoach
Bingen Fernandez
Bingen FernandezCoach

Coaches access is limited by selection processes, so if you want to join the coaching staff please use the contact form.


Train like a pro with our app, the definite tool for cyclists and coaches. Take a leap forward in your performance. Keep direct contact with your coach. Go on with your training plan wherever you are.


  • Training diary
  • Goal management
  • Flexibility around you
  • Analysis of how you are performing
  • Unlimited inquiries regarding how the app works
  • Training score

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